There are many reasons why it’s so easy to enjoy kayaking from Taku.  First of all, Taku Marina has a very unique kayak ramp that makes entry and exit from the kayak extremely safe and easy.  Secondly, the water is mostly calm as we’re in a protected part of the island.  Thirdly, there are small islands and bays to discover.  Quadra Island Kayaks operates out of our resort and can rent you a kayak or take all the planning out of it and join one of their tours.  Their Sunset Tour is a 3hr paddle and is their most popular trip.

You’ll find Quadra Island Kayak owners Kassy and Chris setting people up on the water.  You’ll know it’s them if you see their sweet little boys toddling along. They have all the knowledge to help you get on the ocean or on the beautiful lakes.  www.quadraislandkayaks.com