Wild Waterways Adventures

The Discovery Islands are known by mariners all over the coast for the infamous tidal rapids. On flood tides a natural phenomenon ensues with resident marine mammals and raptors that live their lives subject to flood tides. This unique habitat is nothing short of extraordinary. We travel through the Humpback Whales’ summer/fall sanctuary filled with Orca Whales, Pacific white-sided dolphins, Dalls Porpoise, Stellar Sealions, Harbour Seals, Bears, Bald Eagles and Marine Birds at every turn. Every trip is different with a vast array of wildlife migrations that follow the cyclical change of each season, and the daily ebb and flood of the tides.

There’s so much to see and do, why not try their Taku Sunset tour first. Book well in advance to secure your tour.

Taku Sunset Charter – Duration 3 hours

Your charter begins on the East side of Quadra Island where we launch at Taku Resort. We then head out on a wildlife and nature excursion through the Discovery Islands via zodiac. This adventure is special because we will head out when most boaters are off the water for the day. The stillness, wildlife and colours of the sunsets instill a strong sense of serenity and peace. This mini adventure has a very special summer vibe!

Every tour is different and what wildlife we see on tours varies depending on the seasonal migrations of marine mammals. You may encounter any number of Cetaceans- (Whales, Dolphin, Porpoise), Sealions, Seals, Bears, Marine Birds and Raptors (Bald Eagles).