About Taku


For generations, the people of the Pacific Northwest Tlingit tribe celebrated the feeling of peace and togetherness found at the nesting sites of birds. They held a deep reverence for the contrast between human connection and nature found at these places and named them “Taku”.

Today, friends and family enjoy this same sense of harmony on the shores of Quadra Island at Taku where they connect with the people they care about over a backdrop of stunning West Coast scenery. We offer a place of comfort and relaxation among the magnificent natural beauty of our surroundings. With cozy accommodation, warm staff, and access to a host of activities both on and off the resort grounds, Taku has an unmistakable sense of calm.

Both a place to escape and a child’s dream outdoor playground, Taku is a destination for those looking to experience all that Quadra Island has to offer. Just steps away from the accommodation is ocean access, kayak and paddle-board rentals and the largest marina on the island. Whether you are looking to relax or for an adventure, Taku is a place where you can find both.

“The property has been run by the Wong family for 30 years now, and they’ve got the island hospitality thing down to a science.”

Stacey McLachlan, Western Living magazine

Quadra Island

Taku is located on the eastern shore of Quadra Island among British Columbia’s magnificent Discovery Islands. As the largest and most populous of the surrounding islands, Quadra offers a unique balance of available amenities and pristine natural beauty. Among its outdoor opportunities is access to hiking, swimming, climbing, and spectacular views.

Facing east towards the rugged waters of Desolation Sound and beyond to the mountains of the British Columbian Coast, Taku offers unobstructed views of pristine natural beauty. While just walking distance from the local store and pub, Taku is nestled out of sight underneath a blanket of coastal flora.

Whether you are looking for active adventure or a peaceful place to nest for your Discovery Island adventure, you’ll find it at our welcoming beachfront resort.

Find ultimate serenity at the family-owned Taku Resort and Marina, located on the eastern shore of Quadra Island. The entire staff treats the resort like it’s their home; this can be felt throughout the waterfront property that’s marked by artful additions: a majestic totem pole and a moon gate that adorns the tennis court. Accommodations here range from beachfront suites and cozy A-frame cabins to sites prime for tent and RV camping. Each option gives access to one of the most brilliant night skies you’ll likely ever witness, as well as the bioluminescent phytoplankton that twinkle in the waters below.

Corinne Whiting, USA Today “10 Best”

Our General Manager

After years working at large hotels in the Lower Mainland and Tofino, current General Manager Lynden McMartin and his wife came to Taku in 2004 where they were excited for the opportunity to raise their family on Quadra and continue in the hospitality industry. Lynden will often say “another day in paradise” if you ask him how his day is going.

Milton & Wong Family Legacy

Originally Taku was established in 1962 before there was even a ferry to Quadra Island. In the beginning, the resort consisted of a large A-frame restaurant, twelve motel rooms, five cabins and a grocery store with live bait. In 1983, after searching up and down the coast from Salt Spring to Campbell River, four families including founders Milton and Fei Wong, purchased Taku Resort together in February 1983 as a shared family haven. Nowadays, Taku is owned and operated by the Wongs as a resort and marina.

Founders Fei and Milton Wong have sculpted the resort to offer visitors a home away from home where they can experience nature while creating lasting memories with family and friends. At the core of the resort’s offering is an emphasis on relaxation and connection, something that Milton believed could be achieved through cooking and human interaction. Today, Fei continues to run the resort on the same values that she and Milton had envisioned at its inception. Alongside her, their daughter Elizabeth works to continue this legacy of connection between families and nature while exploring new opportunities to share the magical feeling that can be found at Taku.

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