Resort Experiences


We offer a variety of sports across the resort with all necessary equipment available at the main office. Enjoy a game of volleyball, bocce, tennis, horseshoes or basketball while surrounded by tall conifers.


Our spectacular dock is a place to moor, launch or relax. In front of a beautiful backdrop of West Coast scenery find plenty of mooring space, safe swimming water and views of Rebecca Spit.


Steps from the shore line of Drew Harbour, our stonehouse offers a place to cook, play and mingle with friends and family.


For many, paddleboarding is a mellow alternative to kayaking. With paddleboard rentals available on site, it’s the most accessible way to experience the open water at Taku.

The water in Drew Harbour is calm and perfect for all levels to paddle around.  Take a short paddle straight across the harbour to Rebecca Spit Provincial Park or go further afield and explore the small islands and bays just north.  Rentals: $30 for half day  $50 for a full day


The beachfront is full of sea life to explore.  Kids can spend hours turning rocks over and delighting with what they can find; crabs, sea stars, fish and shells to name a few.  At the front desk we have a bucket and shovel with a book on what creatures you can find.


Bring a blanket and get cozy on the beach away from the lights.  Once your eyes adjust it’s amazing how many stars you can see, especially as we’re north at the 50th parallel and away from the city lights.

Throughout the summer there are meteor showers you can catch.  Some have been lucky enough to see the northern lights.  In the Fall there’s nothing more spectacular than seeing the harvest moon rise over Rebecca Spit.


Imagine a magnificent seaside ceremony followed by an extraordinary reception. With all your guest’s accommodations right on-site, our wedding venue makes planning your special day that much easier.

Are you searching for an intimate and breathtaking spot to share the experience of a lifetime? Give us a call and we can discuss how your vision for your special occasion.

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